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The river contains six major minerals, which are responsible for their wonderful turquoise shade that delights our eyes and our ears lulled by the sound produced by the channel of water, which creates a relaxing and tranquil environment.


Hydrates the body

The Tolantongo River is unique in the world for the warmth of its waters and the combination of different minerals by rubbing with rocks causes take a turquoise hue. His birth in the grottos, takes its course through a full extension of arid mountains of a typical desert flora, with a generous flow that allows all kinds of flowering plants and tropical climate that is lost in the distance through a impressive canyon. The perfect blend that makes up the oasis.


Enter the river with swimsuit.
Do not throw rubbish into the river.
It's recommended to enter with water shoe.
it's not allowed to enter accompanied by pets.
Do not enter with valuables river.
Take good care of your children.


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