Carefully read the next set of instructions and learn to avoid unexpected that may interfere with your visit to Grutas Tolantongo.


Important information

The ticket is valid from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Camping is free.

10% discount for groups over 40 people.

2 courtesies are given to organizers of trips.

The entrance ticket gives you access to all the attractions.

Children 5 years and older pay full entry.

The ticket does not include hotel, food, etc.

50% discount presenting senior card.

We don't make reservations for the hotel by telephone or email.

All payments made within the entire park will be in cash.

Grutas Tolantongo is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Restaurants and kitchens hours of service is 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Natural attractions are closed from 5pm and 9pm.

Pet access to Grutas Tolantongo is not allowed.

It's forbidden the use of detergents in the areas of the river, cave, pools, etc.

The park only has to signal cell phone company Telcel.

It not allowed to play music from 23:00

It's not allowed to damage the flora and fauna, help us to conserve the environment and your experience will be enjoyable.


+ General Information

Grutas Tolantongo is an ecotourism park that offers natural attractions such as: caves, steam tunnel, Rio thermal water, Pools of different depths, thermal pools, waterfalls, suspension bridge (viewpoint), hiking, camping areas, zip line (extra cost ) and majestic landscapes.

The entrance fee to the park is $ 120 pesos per person in regular season and $ 140 pesos per person in holiday season and bridges. The entry will include all of the above attractions, except the zipline ($ 150) MXN.

  • Children older than 5 years are charged the full ticket, under that age do not pay.
  • seniors INAPAM credential holders pay only 50%.
  • It is important to note that the cost of the ticket already includes the two areas of the park area the "cave" and area "paradise".
  • The ticket is for 12 hours, not 24, is from 7 am to 8 pm.

+ Do you handle packages?

By the time we inform you that we do not do any kind of package, all sold separately, you can see all costs here See rates...

+ Lodging options:

We have three sections of hotels, plus large areas of cam

We do not make reservations by phone, the attention is direct on the premises of the place.

If you come from Sunday to Thursday in low season we can guarantee room availability, on Friday and Saturday entire sections of hotels fill up, you are advised to arrive on Friday early, preferably before noon but availability is not guaranteed.

Here you can see the variety and costs of hotel rooms. See rates...

In the case of the camp, you can bring your own equipment or you can rent one at the same place. You choose the area, we will install your tent.

+ What I can do if I can not find any rooms available?

The option should not reach Rooms is the camp, here is the house rent campaign, he sold blankets, mattresses, inflatable mattresses, plus wood for your campfire. The area is very safe and has services of showers, dressing rooms and toilets, plus there are restaurants fences.

The campground is on the riverwalk thermal water so the experience is unique.

+ What you need to stay?

By staying either in camp or hotel you need to pay admission tickets to the park the day you sore and also the next day, that is two tickets per person plus the cost of the room or rental tent, which entitles you to stay in the park two days and one night. If you want to stay longer need to pay their tickets for each day of stay.

+ What forms of payment do you accept?

CASH: All payments are made in cash and in Mexican pesos.

+ Do you do excursions?

Please note that we do excursions, for organizers of trips we offer some useful recommendations.

More information...

+ Discounts and promotions

For tour groups of more than 40 people are made to save 10% on tickets, applicable only at the box office, also the organizer and one other person goes free.

Recommendations for group tours:

  • To apply the 10% discount the organizer must pay all entries.
  • If coming by bus, remember that does not go to the park, it is 8 kilometers.
  • The cost of transportation from the bus stop to the park costs 20 pesos and 20 pesos round back.
  • The bus parking is free.

+ Pets Allowed?

By arrangement of civil protection and sanitation, income pet to the park is not allowed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

+ Are there restaurants?

In the park we have several restaurants, cocktail lounges and kitchens, in addition to grocery stores and souvenir shops.

Service also have showers, dressing rooms and toilets in all areas.

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