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Within the "El Paraiso Escondido" there are 45 natural jacuzzi type pools, supplied 12 thermal springs at a temperature ranging from 93.2 ° F to 98.6 ° F and they are suitable for people of all ages and especially for is located minors by its minimum depth.


Total relaxation

Come and enjoy the relaxing natural jacuzzi type pools of thermal water that will recharge your body with positive energy. The ideal place to spend a fun time with the family, especially for smaller, enjoying the magnificent view of the river bed at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, accompanied by the whisper of nature and capricious outbreaks of water area where you can see the formation of small waterfalls that going bathing the walls, leaving impregnated van containing minerals, giving it a completely natural feel.


Enter into the pools with swimsuit.
Admission to the pools is without food and drink.
You aren't allowed to enter with detergents or soaps.
Not allowed to enter accompanied by pets.
Do not enter with valuables to the pools.
Take good care of the children.


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